Martin Varga Photography

Kern County fine art photographer

Photographic Services:

Commissioned Projects:  Martin currently uses his experience as a construction project manager and a water resources engineer to provide photographic services for company marketing efforts, internet sites, reports and publications.  Please email Martin at for inquiries.

Please click here for sample projects.

Martin also sells his work on Fine Art America.  He can easily add images to the Fine Art America Site if you do not find what you are looking for on the website.  Just email him for any specific image requests and he will upload the file.

Purchase Printed Images: Visit one of Martin’s shows posted on his website and purchase the printed artwork directly from the show.

Select Your Own Printing Company: Copyrighted image files can be directly purchased from Martin and he will provide a release for a one time printing of the image with your own selected company. Contact him directly to arrange the purchase of his image file(s).

File Downloads: For more information about the purchase of Martin’s image files please contact him directly via email.

For the Kern County, California, area only:

Custom Printing: You can contact Martin via email and arrange to have an image printed and framed for your home or office. He has worked directly with a number of clients to provide specific art images to enhance office and lobby settings.

Please email me at or message me on one of my social media sites for inquiries or requests.  Thank you.

Untitled photo

Martin with his medium format film equipment capturing a field of grapevines at sunset.